Hot Flash

Matthew Ray (Hot Flash) was born with the ability to control fire and move at speeds above human capability. Hot Flash has the spirit of a true hero but lacks the control and discipline. Although the road to fulfill his dream of becoming a true super hero is long and difficult Captain Mighty is eager and willing to help.

Captain Mighty

Captain Mighty is the greatest super hero the world has ever known. He has saved the world countless times and lives for freedom, justice, and all around good. When the world is in peril he will be there to save it. Although a bit slow and sometimes hard to understand he is Virtually indestructible and incorruptible.


Jawbreaker has a mind of her own and is only out for herself. When she is not taking what she wants, she sometimes helps aid those in need if she is in the mood. With an immature and sometimes inappropriate mind and a fully developed fighting style and high intelligence she is one girl people do not want to mess with.

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